Cats & Coffee

I am going to take Toby for a short hike and am trying to decide what to do.


I kind of want to try this one while the weather is still nice. But dogs are not allowed. People tell me lots of people ignore this rule, but it may make sense to wait for it to be colder when no one is there.

This would also be a good one to do before the weather turns. They get snow up there, so it may not be accessible in winter. Or it could be a fun snow hike. I doubt there will be many people, which will give Toby a chance to get off the leash.


This looks fun, but I am not sure I have time to go 7 miles. Embarassing as it may be, I also am still a little bit concerned about my stamina. My cardiologist says it takes about a year to heal from a heart attack, and while I have felt much stronger as of late, I still find myself becoming tired very suddenly.

Decisons, decisions. Pumpkin is not interested in my dilemmas. My present one is how to get up for another cup of coffee.


Have a good Sunday, all.

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