Cats that are impossible to find stock

I’m sure that on many occasions, you are watching cat videos on the Internet and say “gee, I think I want one of those”. Then you search online to find that all of the available cats you want have all been heavily modified, and it’s near impossible to find the model you want in stock form.

Below are some of the more common, and egregious, kitty modifications.

1. Kitty Sweaters


The poor thing just doesn’t know what to do with itself. So undignified. Most of the time, they’re not even wearing pants!

2. Dapper Kitty


Or Purrlock Holmes, if you will.

Okay nevermind, this is fucking adorable, 10/10 would buy.

3. Raccoon


Sometimes they may seem cute, but they will tear your face off.

4. AT-AT


Before everyone jumps on me and says “that’s a dog, you idiot”, I say fuck you its the best costume ever because Star Wars.

Some cats may appear stock, but in reality there has either been some detrimental re-wiring or weight reduction in the nether regions.


Sorry buddy, your royal bloodline will not be continued.

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