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We didn’t see Hammer all Thursday night. Which is unusual, but not unheard of. Then he was nowhere to be found Friday morning. More unusual, but it had happened.


But then each time my wife entered the house Friday... No Hammer. She started searching for him. No Hammer. The girls came home from school and started calling for him around the house. No Hammer.

Worried he may have escaped (he is an indoor cat), they started walking around the neighborhood calling for him. No Hammer.


My wife began searching the house again, leaving no corner unsearched. Including the attic. No Hammer.

Then she opened the hall closet. And woke him up from what we assume was roughly a 20 hour long nap.


He got lots of pets and hugs from the girls. They gave him some treats. Then he sauntered down to the basement to use the litter box and eat some food ... Then he attempted to get back in the closet.

When that failed, he plopped on his couch spot, and went back to sleep.

Big fuzzy dumbass :)

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