Caught a Wreck on my Dashcam Today - Don't Rush to Beat Yellow Lights Kids!

Video may or may not have audio. YouTube flagged the song that was playing on my radio for a copyright claim and I selected remove audio but it is taking its sweet time to process.

On my way home from the dealer with my new tires. Keep your eyes on the Prius V to the left of the Police Interceptor at the start of the video. Suddenly a 2nd generation Pathfinder appears. Crunch!


While he certainly could have stopped safely ahead of the line when the light turned green to yellow he was clearly in the intersection well ahead of when the light turned red. The Pathfinder definitely gunned it to beat the light and appears to have made it into the intersection after it was red - hence why the left-turning Prius didn’t yield. The Prius driver was furious. Cop was unamused at having to change plans from heading to the right and got in a bit of a shouting match with the Prius driver who kept trying to tell his story instead of pulling into a parking lot like the cop asked. I didn’t hang around after it was clear for me to keep going. Anyway - drive safe Oppo and pay attention to those lights!

(Yes I realize my dashcam date is way off. I can’t have it at work so the battery dies during the day and it is slowly getting more and more behind.)

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