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As some of you may know I am one of Jehovah’s Whitnesses. Some of you may also know that the Russian Government labeled Whitnesses as a extremist group, and band our meetings, ministry work, and publications in April of 2017, as well as confiscating our places of meeting, and branch office. Regardless of your view of religion, or your opinion on JWs the loss of religion freedom should be upsetting to anyone. Despite this being pretty shocking to anyone who lives in a “free country” it really didn’t get much media attention. So that’s why I am sharing an update.


People were arrested, beaten, stripped naked, and shocked. Because they would not give up the meeting locations that the Whitnesses have been using since the government confiscated their Kindom Halls(places of worship/meeting)

I know JWs are far from the only group to be mistreated, and this isn’t even the first time this has happened. Usually the cause of injustice toward JWs is our nutural stand on war, and politics.

The thing is this is not happening in some 3rd world country, it’s happening in a major world power. I’m still a bit shocked.


Also I know some of you are thinking “this report is from their own website, why would I believe it” and. That’s far. I did read a few other reports. Essentially the only people talking about it are a spokesperson for Jehovah’s Whitnesses, and representatives for the Russian Goverment who obviously deny the claim. So I guess the only rebuttal I have to that is “what do the Whitnesses have to gain from stiring the pot with lies?”

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