Behold! A vehicle not white, black, gray or silver!

In and out in 50 minutes. They didn’t jerk me around, I didn’t jerk them around. We got around $5000 discount on the 2018 model, but we kept the 72 months at 0%. Could have saved another grand-ish or so if we didn’t want the free financing.


It’s a 2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 crew cab with short bed, TRD sport package with options, and Entune with GPS. MSRP around $47K. I finished everything I could, my dad will have to go on Saturday to sign. Left them with $500 as a deposit. By then, they are supposed to complete work on one recall, and do the line-X bed liner.

Much excite.

Blazing Blue is gorgeous. I didn’t get the SX package with black wheels as my folks didn’t really want a white truck.


They have another one left in Magnetic Gray for $700 more I think. Thank you Michael at mountain states Toyota in Denver for not acting like a typical annoying salesperson.

** edit, they have wrong photos on their website

**edit 2, I’m just an idiot, corrected

**edit 3 - it’s not cavalry blue, it’s  blazing blue pearl 

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