Cayman S: 1 year, 4 track days and 15 AutoX's; time for a change

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After an exhaustive search that I documented here on Oppo to choose my Cayman S a year ago , sadly I find the car,,,,,,, well,,,,,,, a little boring.


The car has many fine points, but the majority are only revealed on a track mind you. Therein lies the rub. As a back road car, it is too composed, the limits are too high and it lacks the low end torque, tossability to be thrilling.

So I am looking for cars to consider as a replacement. I want my next car to be a little more raw, fun and vibrant. I’ve kicked around the usual suspects:

  • 240/260/280Z: my 1st choice except the market is out of line for these cars due to the staggering appreciation of the last 2 years. Pros-light, fun; Cons-price is silly nowadays.
  • E46 M3: always dreamed of one and is a serious contender. Pros-wonderful engine, leans towards oversteer for fun factor; Cons-too common.
  • TVR 2500M/3500M: probably the front runner despite being more challenging to find. Pros-unique, exotic; Cons-engine swap is almost a requirement.
  • BRZ/FRS: kinda on the list but not really. Pros-cheap, fun chassis; Cons-not enough power, a little too boy racer in looks maybe, super common here.
  • Ford Focus ST: have not driven yet but if it is the smile factory it is rumored to be it is tempting; Pros-cheap and fun; Cons-it is the ugly duckling of the group.

WANT: light, fun and fast


So what cars am I missing?

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