CB in review

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Last year I did a round-up of my best-of posts, which it turns out, I have none of, so let’s just take a look at this from an automotive and personal perspective:

  • Passed a very long job interview process and I’m finally doing my dream job
  • Bought a car and re-taught myself how drive stick
  • Somehow maintained my relationship with my girlfriend
  • Got back into photography
  • Moved to the middle of nowhere (thanks, employer!)
  • Did a solid number on my student loan while incurring a new hell of car payments
  • Maybe started figuring out this whole life thing

What’ll happen next year? Will I ever get my motorcycle license? Will I get new computer and camera equipment? Will I go on an adventure? Who knows! But here’s hoping that everyone made the most of the year, and is ready to take on the next one.


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