Just soldered a couple wires so I could plug in this CB radio I had lying around.

Yeah, yeah. Didn't use heatshrink. I'll electrical-tape it if this becomes a permanent solution.

Thing is, all I hear is static when I'm flipping through channels. I have no idea what channels are used, if something this old can even receive stations, if it's broken, or what.


I have the "EXT" which seems to be "EXTERNAL SPEAKER" hooked up to my aux jack, so I can clearly hear all the static I'm receiving. When I plug it in and turn it on, interestingly, the little dial never moves anywhere (the POWER/SIGNAL dial) which might be because my car only supplies 12v and not ~14v unless it's all the way powered on. I dunno. I also have no idea what channel to use, and I have no way to transmit because I have no handset for this. Bugger.


And does anyone know how/where the hell this antenna is supposed to mount? It's a weirdly-shaped clip thing with a rubber bit on it and it doesn't fit right in my windows or anything.