CCIARAT: Dublin, Ireland

Time for our daily OPPO field trip to a random spot around the world to do what we always do, look at cars.

For those that are new to this, click HERE for reference.

Last time, we took the rear engined, 4 rotary diesel, carbon fiber brown OPPO bus to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Rad car finds started off slow but you rad peeps always managed to pull through and car spot some glorious vehicle in the most obscure of locations.


Today, we are headed to a larger town with a back story. We’ll be doing some car spotting in Dublin, Ireland. The reason for this location is because I, along with the world famous Traveling Torchbug, will be in Dublin late next month. Let’s get some pre-spotting done. First as always, let’s see the sights of this place.

Also, and travel tips about Dublin you’d like to share, please comment below. I’d greatly appreciate them :]


V10 //M5 still rolling!!!!

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