I’ve owned a 2004 Carrera coupe for about a year and a half. Buying it was me reaching a dream of owning a 911. I put about 5,000 miles in on it in that time and enjoyed every moment of it. But the thoughts of an IMS bearing failure (it only had 44k miles on it) and the dated interior were starting to wear on me.

2004 C2

So I decided to trade it in on a 2007 C4S Cabriolet that was well optioned. It has nearly twice the miles of the old one, but is in about the same condition as far as wear and tear. Some might not like the droptop, but I’m an open-air guy (Honda del Sol was my first car and currently own an Austin-Healey Sprite), only drove my coupe in good weather (335d gets the daily treatment, FZJ80 gets the winter weather), and haven’t participated in any motorsports/track-days that would require a coupe.


2007 C4S Cabriolet

I bought it on Saturday and drove it all day with the top off (and have the sunburn to prove it). It is better in every way when compared to the 996. The gearbox is better, more power, more torque, an interior from this century, just everything is better. Unfortunately, its done nothing but rain since and the forecast doesn’t look much better in the coming week.