At work the guys and I were having a conversation about celebrities. I realize that I’ve physically run into two celebrities to the point that my collision caused me to spill my beverage on myself.

1. Ricky Steamboat, late 90s/early 200os.

During this time, he owned a gym in Cornelius, NC and I was delivering pizzas. I got coffee from a Cashion’s gas station on my way into my opening shift and as I left the building, I turned and ran directly into him, spilling my coffee on me and him. He was surprisingly cool about it and ran to his truck to get another “Ricky Steamboat Gym” polo shirt.

2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. late 2002/early 2003 - winter.

Went to Coyote Joe’s for 1-2-3 night with a group of friends and it was my turn to buy drinks, so I went to the bar and bought four dollar beers. Once again, I turned around and bumped right into a guy as he was walking with his entourage toward the bar. It was Dale Jr. This time I dropped two beers, spilling them all over my legs and the floor of the bar. I apologized and one of his people shuffled me aside and asked where I was hanging out. A few minutes later, at a table with some friends, one of the bartenders walked over with two buckets of Bud Light bottles.


So does anyone else have similar stories?