Celica update

dammit, kinja!

Dog jumps in and out without protest. Sharp turns are fun. Even though it has 114 horsepower, its middling 140-torque pulls it around all the slow assholes crowding the left lane. Even though it’s likely the only Celica in any 5-mile radius, it is so inconspicuous and nimble that I can drive freely and without restraint.

This car is... THE BEST.

The honeymoon-phase has not ended. And at this rate, it may never. I can’t wait to drive this car to business conferences I don’t really belong in and park this next to a sea of Mercedes and luxury loaded trucks.


I’ve been looking into some things I might want to do to it, but for financial reasons I don’t think they’re in the cards this year. So in the meantime I make every trip to the bank and other mundane errands as fun as possible.

... Celica.

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