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Center Cap Mod?

I finally strapped on my winter set on Sunday, but I forgot that I never did anything about the ugly center caps last year.

My aftermarket winter wheels have odd sized center caps. Everything measures up the same as the stock Audi center caps, but they don’t quite fit. It seems like the clips on the back of the caps that came with the wheels sit a little deeper. I’ve googled it to exhaustion and it seems that most people with Avant Garde brand wheels have had to mod the existing caps rather than get direct replacements. The center caps are slightly rounded so a flat sticker won’t work.


So I’m looking for something like the below, that are stickers but are convex on the back side to accommodate a rounded center cap. Unfortunately I have only been able to find them in pics.

Has anyone done anything like this? I know that it sounds anal, but I don’t like anything but the manufacturers badge in the center of a wheel.

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