Went to the Kansas City Auto Show, saw a Nismo Juke, and busted out laughing. Who is going to take this on a track? I was there with a friend who is in the market for a new car, she was not interested in the Juke, despite my insistence.

Got to see a few other cars and sit in a lot of them. Not impressed with the new Maserati Ghibli interior, it has a fair bit of faux wood-plastic. Cadillac has tons of chinsey looking metal inlays in their interiors that look like plastic, then you touch them and they are aluminum, but they still look chinsey. Would you believe the new Range Rover had the most comfortable seats in the world? Well, they do.

Sat in the back of an S-Class AND an A8L, I think I like the Audi more. Got into a small debate/argument with one guy while looking at the 2014 370z Nismo that stickers for $46,000. He had such a broner and I just had to point out that you could get any number of cars for $46,000 that would be way better (used Cayman S, Boss 302, LS swapped Miata because Miata) for the money. That has always been my gripe with the 370z; it didn't present good value for the money spent.

Oh, and what is up with Toyota wanting $78,000 STARTING for a Land Cruiser. Huh?