• Friday Night we fly into LAX and stay with my Father-in-Law at his apartment a few blocks from the Santa Monica Pier
  • Saturday morning at 7:30 were meeting SPAMBot and maybe a few others at the Malibu Kitchen and then driving through the canyons. Let me know if you would like to meet and have not seen anything before this
  • Tuesday early morning we start driving towards Sequoia National Park and are staying at WukSachi Lodge after trying to hit up as many places in the park as possible
  • Wednesday morning we head towards Hume Lake and then down into Reedley(where I grew up) and then Sunnyside/Fresno to see some family friends. We plan on being in Morro Bay that night where my Grandmother has a second home
  • Thursday is a field trip to Hearst Castle
  • Friday-Sunday is a family reunion in Morro Bay
  • Sunday afternoon we head back to LA
  • 5 AM flight to Nashville on Monday morning is going to suck

Should be an awesome trip. Super excited about the ride too. We’ll be putting nearly 1000 miles on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG provided by Mercedes. We’ll fit right in around LA but the gas bill is going to suck. Anyways, the wife is actually excited about getting a G because every woman in the Southeast(and probably everywhere else) wants a G Wagon.


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