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Ceramic tint rejects a lot of heat

It’s also really easy to see into for the amount it rejects. I mean, it’s clearly tinted, but it’s not murdered out.

I hope my car appreciates how good it has it compared to most cars. So few have a garage space like this.
It’s 3M Crystalline Tint (CR40)

See? I also like being able to be seen - driving is a cooperative human activity, where being able to acquire eye contact, wave, or otherwise communicate is important. Not to mention being able to see out. So many crazy kids put like 5-15% on their cars and I just don’t get it.


Looking in the back. You can still see everything and right on through to the other side. No SUV-like blocking my fellow drivers here.

Can anyone pick out my Oppo sticker? There are two, but only one is visible here.

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