We went to the Chick-Fil-A corporate headquarters today and toured the facility. It was impressive. Ran through the test kitchens, restaurant design spaces and training facilities on top of tour the main office. The place was impressive to see. We talked about their customer service business model. It was pretty simple. They looked at higher end restaurants and brought their service mindset to fast food. Lots of folks thought it couldn’t be done. We also got to meet three Cathy family members including one of Truett’s sons, Bubba, and two of the grandkids. Rachel and Mark. They all work in the business. Truett was a car guy late in his life. He bought this Batmobile that was used in Batman 2 hoping he could drive it around it didn’t work out.


Also today our bird that had been in the Azores for a few weeks made it home. I’m very proud of my team who supported it.

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