I’m considering the purchase of a chainsaw. I do woodworking for fun, and I recently had an arborist friend of mine give me several large logs (two ash, one birch). I’m in the process of building a band saw mill to mill them into planks, but failing that, I might have to go the chainsaw mill route. My next door neighbor also potentially wants me to build him a huge outdoor table using some rather large logs.

Any of you guys have much experience with chainsaws, and have any recommendations? My arborist friend recommended Echo. He also uses Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws. Since he does it for a living, his equipment needs to be the good stuff, but I’m not sure I want to go that crazy. (I doubt I could even pull-start a 125 cc saw!).

Pictures of said logs:
(I’m sitting on the two logs I really wanted - roughly 20" in diameter, and not rotted. The three round pieces in front were extras - the firewood guy was already full, and so he couldn’t take them. I’ve already given two away as firewood, and might turn the third into and end table or something).

Birch log. Foot for scale.