Challenged Myself to See How Fast I Could Rip Out A Car Alarm

My mate’s got a sweet little Civic, nothing too special about it, just fundamentally a great daily. Unfortunately, he’s something like the ninth owner and this poor little thing has been rather abused over the years. The shoddy immobilizer was stopping the car from starting, so I decided to jump in and see what could be done.

A pretty rough and ready install, but they did use Nitto brand electrical tape, so that’s something. First time I’ve seen spade connectors used like this.

After wasting an ton of time because I confused the door lock relays with the cutoff relays, I eventually got the car up and running in 3 and a half hours. In the end, a pretty slow effort but at the end of the day, old mate’s got his car back and he’s able to drive to work again.

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