Here we go, on in cabin one outside

How’d it do? Well it was fun, but not in the way a Miata is fun. More in the way hitting a pinata with a sledgehammer is fun.

Honestly though, with stickier and wider rubber it could be surprisingly good. The Camaro SS 1LE comes with 285’s all around. The Challenger had 245’s. That’s not enough tire. Results aren’t posted yet, but the fastest Camaro SS 1LE out there today was about 6 seconds faster than me. Another one with a driver at his second or 3rd autocross was at least as fast as me. I’m a good driver, but I don’t think I could have gotten too much more time out of the Challenger.

I rode in an SS 1LE and thought it felt like a sports car while the Challenger felt like a muscle car. Then I rode in a C5 Z06 and remembered why I like Corvettes so much. I need a Corvette...