Challenger Hellcats Are Entering the Hands of Their Second Owners, We Are Still Safe

Whelp, now that the Hellcat is no longer top dog or even deputy dawg within the Challenger lineup, we have plenty of interesting examples coming into the market. You can get some great gristle to knaw on for under $50,000 but you’ll want $55,000 to eat fresh meat!

Many buyers didn’t want to put miles on these cars since they were so special. Hell, some dealers didn’t even want to sale them for the same reason! This means that there are plenty of 2016 Challenger Hellcats with mileage so low you could brew coffee with their air filters all for the same price as your neighbor’s new truck.


So if you really wanted a Challenger Hellcat without the smell of burnt flesh (unless optioned) then now may be a good time to start shopping. If you were waiting to become the third owner or *shivers* fourth and up owner of a Challenger Hellcat then I would suggest you save up to around $40,000 to $45,000 and just snipe a car whenever it finally gets into your range since it shouldn’t get too much cheaper than that without a police report and warrant being issued on the previous owner.

The above Challenger Hellcat is listed here. It’s about 6 miles away from me and I just found it fun. I mean 707 hp should be fun, right? I mean good credit, long financing, and a trade-in can get these cars under $707 a month.


Oh, and if you’re more of a Charger Hellcat person then too bad because those owners seem to have bought the cars for keeps and Im forseeing a similar situation to the CTS-V Wagon until more hardcore, value priced super sedans appear. Pray for a Demon Charger and meaningful updates to the Hellcat Charger or else they’ll be over $50,000 all decade.

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