Illustration for article titled Challenger SRT Demon May Have That Supercharged 8.4L Viper V10 Everyone Forgot About

I just wanted to remind everyone that around 2.5 years ago Chrysler took delivery of a few Supercharged V10s. I also want to remind everyone that SRT, The Viper Exchange, and Arrow Racing Engines (the builder of the Viper engine) worked together to create a factory-backed engine. I’d also like to point out that the Stage Three “Sledgehammer” package was supposedly finished during 2016 for customer delivery.


Now I’m not saying that SRT absolutely wanted a proper send off for one the the last V10 engines in production (not to mention the largest displacement engine in production). I also don’t want to point out this was an SRT project back when they were a separate brand with the Viper as their only true product, and a halo product at that. I also don’t need to point out that the ACR wasn’t intended to be the end of the Viper cycle, in fact it was only the halfway point.

I’m also not saying the powertrain work has already been done and the Challenger can obviously run the same powertrain with increased room for cooling. Nor am I going to point out that everyone was fine with spending $20,000+ over sticker on a Hellcat, plus with the Viper gone, there is no longer a halo car to stay below.


As you can see, I’m not saying much. But if you know, know!


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