Man I can’t get enough of his music right now... It made my Monday when I was listening to the rap radio station and they’re playing stuff that just wasn’t hitting my mood and then booooom, I switch to our public radio and they start a chance the rapper song right after I change it. Work has been tough lately and I’ve just been down a little so it was good timing. The timing was perfect for some fresh, positive, soulful rap. My boss is quitting and I really appreciate her leadership and personality; I applied for her position and didn’t get it and the person who did just doesn’t have the leadership I expect from a boss but she’s been giving me a good voice in the department so it’s some good some bad; and we’ve been super busy and we are in effect short handed because of the transition. But the week has been getting better every day.

As for car life- I spent some time talking with a knowledgeable tech about some things they suggested I do to the 911 to get it running a little better. Really good insight and advice for free, which you can’t beat.

I’m almost halfway done with helping my brother through his head change on his 2.slow golf. He’s a decent wrench and good company in the garage. He bought a good replacement head but not a gasket or bolts so we naturally got stopped, which was a bit of a relief as it was slow moving without a manual or even a decent online DIY.

Turbo Beetle remains pretty good. Good passenger space, great transmission, decently quick, decent fuel efficiency. When I saw the rumors of a RWD electric I was all for it, that would be amazing. Love that idea.