Everyone teases us about how much more tired we are going to be once we get Chandler home. Guess what?

I’m fine with that. I will gladly take all the tiredness in the world just to have a healthy baby at home. This NICU parent exhaustion is more mental than physical. Seeing your son with an IV sticking out of his head just does something to you.

He’s still cute, though. And he hardly ever cries. He cries when they’re messing with him or giving him a bath and the moment they’re done, he is snoozing again. Or looking around. He loves bright colors.

For now, they’re just continuing his antibiotics and the doctor expects him to be discharged and able to go home by Wednesday evening.

He has a mole cluster on his left arm that is a little mysterious, though. So, the doctor sent a photo off to a dermatologist and they’re inquiring about family histories of melanoma, just to rule that out (I hope). I think we have to have a follow-up appointment in Louisville next week.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another! I just love him and want him to be healthy and home with us. He has a (four-legged) big sister that he hasn’t even met yet.