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Change in Veiws

I used to believe that the second generation of the Ford Gt was the most beautiful car ever produced. There was something about it that always played with my imagination. But lately I have been looking at the Lightweight E-Types (because I want a series 3 roadster) and my god are they pretty!! I had no idea.

My favorite color combo

Now I understand why Enzo said what he did about the E-Type. I don’t believe that the standard model was that pretty. I mean it is gorgeous, but “the most beautiful car ever made” seemed a bit much. But I get it now. I totally get it. As a stock car the E-Type is pretty, but as a Lightweight and Low Drag, it is the best looking car ever made making the Ford GT Second.

I love the Le Mans lights on the Low Drag
That’s how all the coupes should have been. Stupid lift back BS
That looks like the most visceral driving interior. I want it!

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