Everyone's favorite corrupt muppet has been dancing to Ferrari's tune for a while now (you can only imagine why), and even this season his vocal complaints had the faint wiff of an Italian accent. Now Ferrari has went public:


SAKHIR, Bahrain (AP) — Ferrari is ramping up the pressure on Formula One authorities to change the sport's rules, saying a company survey shows most fans are unhappy with the new direction of the sport.

Ferrari released the findings Thursday, ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix, where its cars are expected to again be off the pace shown by front-running Mercedes.

The release of the survey follows a meeting between Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and F1's commercial powerbroker, Bernie Ecclestone. They are expected to meet with FIA president Jean Todt in Bahrain this weekend to press for changes.

Ferrari said it received more than 50,000 replies to its online survey, and said 83 percent of respondents said they were unhappy with the new rules, ''mainly because of the drivers being forced to lift off to save fuel.''

''In addition, the fans don't like the noise from the new engines and are confused by rules that are too complicated,'' Ferrari said.

Bold added by me.