... In the form of a new username. Now it matches my username on all my other networks (i.e. Steam, Origin, Twitter, etc.). Where did this username come from? Glad you asked.

My username for Steam used to be “licknau97”, which was the first letter of my first and last name reversed. Unfortunately, Origin does not allow usernames to include the word “lick,” for obvious reasons, I assume. Thus, I went with the next logical step, which was to make a word/phrase out of my username. Hence the “Ryte,” which is spelled with a Y to make myself fit in with the cool kids.

Anyways, here’s an M4 I saw in Boston.

Best of luck to Dusty Ventures at the Oregon Trail Rally this weekend! Hopefully the Oppo Bump is real and brings him luck and fast times.

And finally, I have made my deposit and submitted the housing application for Northeastern University, which will be my home for the next few years! The End (of High School) is Nigh...