.. and it was pretty easy.

The wheel bearings on the old 2005 Focus wagon are integrated with the brake drum. You can get the drum without the bearing, but it would be idiotic since you wouldn’t save more than $10.

The job was pretty easy... if you know how to remove a brake drum on the Focus, then you can replace the bearing.

Here is the old drum:

Notice how part of the bearing fell out and is lying to the left.

This drum is only a little over a year old... it was replaced by a mechanic who replaced it as part of servicing the rear brakes. I suspect that given the bearing got noisy in less than a year after that service, I suspect the mechanic either cut corners or did something stupid.


I don’t go to that mechanic anymore.

Here is the new drum with the bearing:


Not pictured is also a new axle nut and new dust cap.

The repair was a great success. No more howling from my rear driver side wheel at highway speeds.

And here is a caterpillar that was hanging out with me on my driveway while I was doing the repair: