Changed the oil on the Pontiac*

I managed not to splash any oil, or drop the drain plug. I felt a little out of practice but somehow I didn’t commit my usual blunders.

2008 Pontiac Vibe, 1ZZ-FE, auto, 117,543 miles:

- oil: totally full, happy I got one of these later 1ZZ’s that don’t burn oil.

- power steering fluid: acceptable

- AT fluid: full

- brake fluid: acceptable

- coolant: topped off. Never had any heating issues with this car, but I always have to top it off twice a year 🤷


Still pretty happy with this car overall. Owned it for 3 years, already added on 50k miles. I’ve replaced some bulbs, radiator fan ($120, gasp), and earlier this year the battery... the ORIGINAL battery.

Fleet for your time.

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