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Changing Air Filters to Rebuilding Calipers, a short story

So, before I bought this E46, I made a promise to myself that I’d use the fact that this is a car that will have typically higher repair / parts costs as a reason to attempt to do the majority of the work myself.

That said, I didn’t have much experience on directly working on cars outside of maybe 2 oil changes, some basic air filter / cabin air filter changes and swapping out radios / sound systems - electrical stuff.

So, a few weekends ago, I went over to a buddy’s house, who has a big collection of tools / compressors / etc, and said screw it, let’s start, I know the car needs new rotors and that looks fairly easy. Of course, on the way over, my right front caliper decided to start to stick. I noticed during the disc replacement that the dust boot on the caliper piston was unseated - so I ordered a rebuild kit.


The rebuild was hard, the piston didn’t want to come out, so we really put some force it. Eventually, after a few hours of hard work, we got it out & a new dust boot put back on. I think I may end up replacing the caliper anyway, the piston definitely had some corrosion from the dust boot not being on there. The car’s pulling to the left (the rebuild) a little bit, ONLY when I press the brakes.

But, all in all, I rebuilt a freaking brake caliper, and then bled the system. And it was an amazing feeling.


Along with the caliper, that day I went ahead and did air filter / cabin air filter / windshield cowl, and re-did the C-Pillar fabric (again... and It’s already starting to come loose again..).

Just. Do.

I can’t believe after this how much more confidence I have working on my car. And it feels like my car.


Just wanted to share my story :)

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