If you ask me about mixing different weight oils or why biodiesel will eat the seals in your Mercedes or why switching from actual oil to synthetic is a bad idea, I have opinions based on folklore or stuff I read on oppo. Point being, changing from one type of fluid to another sometimes has unexpected consequences.

My brakes were a bit unpredictable this weekend which greatly slowed me down (confidence in your brakes helps). I had them high and firm and left the track with the pedal on the floor only to magically recover when the car cooled down.

So I’ve ordered new Hawk HPS pads all around and racing brake fluid.

So I know to flush the old fluid you basically bleed the brakes one at a time until you see fresh fluid. However, if I’m mixing DOT 3 and DOT 5.1 do I need to do anything magical other than the standard bleed process and seeing the color change to know that line is flushed?