Changing hinge pins

When you can’t find any fucks to hand out.

Yes, I punched the bushings out of the door while it was supported by the road and the door’s wiring harness. Then I pressed in the new bushings with the door still dangling. You can do this when the POS only cost $250.


And then I screwed around with the detent spring for a couple hours and couldn’t get it compressed enough to sit back in. Well that’s not true, I got it in, but I missed one of the zip ties keeping it compressed after I got it in place, and when I closed the door it fell out. I’m going to borrow the vice at work tomorrow for the re-attempt.

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and 11°C, so I busted out the shorts. It was great. The door fits a ton better than it did before too.

For reference as to how it fit before, look at that paint scraped off. Also refer to my previous post:


Ironically while the hinge pins were good this fix has made the severed-striker-door-won’t-latch problem worse because now the door swings more freely on the new pins and fits better so it doesn’t jam in the opening. Whoever previously attempted to weld the striker back on left me without the backing plate and welded in the bolts so fixing it properly isn’t going to happen without a run to a junk yard (haven’t found one within a two-hour drive yet) so since it’s not like I’ll make it worse, I may just try running a bead around buddy’s boogers. The latch itself engages smoothly and it seems like buddy had it in the right spot (and it fits very nicely in one place) so we’ll see how welding stacked boogers on thin sheet metal goes. As a bonus said thin sheet metal is nicely fatigued for maximum longevity.

Since the last update (and because I forgot to include more Green Day Lyrics) as the resident leader of the lost and found I welcomed St Jimmy to the club and gave him some blood. Er, ATF. Dropped the pan and changed it because the little that was in there (barely a drop on the end of the dipstick) was pretty burnt-seeming. It didn’t affect the driving at all and left a stain on the street across from my house.

Not bad for a three-quart spill. This is post—cleanup, obviously.

I’ve also got an el-cheapo OBD2 scanner on order so maybe I can shut off the CEL and see if maybe the intermittent power loss that I had previously attributed to a slipping trans is easily solvable. Frankly I don’t care enough about it to do much more than plug in a scanner unless it’s easy.


Also I discovered this craziness:


That’s the factory fuse panel cover, complete with a tweezer-fuse-puller dealio and an assortment of spare fuses. Thanks, GM.

I’m strongly thinking of running this POS in BC’s inaugural Gambler 500. Possibly the LeMons Car Weak Rally as well if I decide I can attend and the Niva isn’t together enough yet. I expect I’ll be completely broke and wanting for a teammate though so we’ll have to wait and see if that’ll be a thing. And those thoughts make me not want to continue fixing things for more points, so I’ll leave on this lovingly ripped-off sentiment


And there’s nothing wrong with St Jimmy,

This is how he’s supposed to be.

In a land of make-believe

That don’t believe in me.

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