I accidentally found the secret combination of Harbor Freight tools to make changing hub bearings without a press as easy as child’s play.

You’ll need the “Front Wheel Bearing Adapter kit” P/N 66829, which is actually a well-made kit with a wide variety of bearing adapters. The weak point of this kit is the bolt that is used to press the bearings in and out - mine lasted 1 1/2 bearings before I stripped all the threads off. Additionally, it’s a huge pain in the rear to have to torque on this thing hard enough to break loose rusted-on bearings.

The “secret” second tool that makes things easy is the “14 Piece Hydraulic Punch Driver Kit” P/N 96718. The hydraulic power head in this kit is threaded exactly the same as the bolt included in the adapter kit, so you can do this:

Pardon my mess

Using the power of hydraulics means no stripping of threads, no yanking on giant wrenches like you’re pretending to be Hercules, just spin everything together easily with your bare hands and give the handle a few pumps.


EDIT: The threads on the large bolt in question are 3/4-16. A 12" piece of 3/4-16 Allthread would make things even easier, since you could just snug up the big nut in the adapter kit as needed instead of spacing the bolt out with extra adapters (as you can only thread into the hydraulic head a short distance).