My parents lease for their 2014 Camry SE is coming to an end and they’ve been looking for a new car. Initially my Dad wanted to get into another lease, something like a Toyota Highlander, GMC Acadia or a Ford Explorer Sport. He got numbers back on a lease & purchase of an Explorer Sport with an MSRP of $51,000.

Now, my parents have always been frugal with automotive purchases even though they could splurge if they wanted to. We came to the conclusion that since they’re first grandchild was born two weeks ago they would be going down to Houston a lot to make visits. So I basically said “get something you want to be in for 12 hours”.

Leasing began to make no sense when you’re: a) planning on making some 1600 mile trips b) when you have the income to purchase.

So he started looking into uses BMW X5's including one in particular in Lincoln. It was a 2013 (older style) with 40k miles and not much for options. “Internet” price was 31k.

This is when I took over. “I got you fam” I said and started looking in Houston. Since we are going there for Thanksgiving it was a pretty good option to search there.

Immediately I found a 2014 (newer style) with several options including the M Sport package. 40k miles and an asking price of 39k. Obviously more but still around the budget he had. The Carfax checked out and was very promising, but when he contacted the dealer (Texas Direct Auto) they said they didn’t have it.


Fast forward 3 hours later and the salesman called back and was like “my bad, it wasn’t in our system since we just got it in”.

Fast forward to 3 days later and the paperwork has been signed and they’ll be picking it up in a couple of weeks.

Pretty excited about this car purchase. It’s been beige-mobile after beige-mobile. Glad to see my parents finally letting loose a little bit.