(little update) Crappy night.

Just got home from night shift, but not quite from work. Had a diversion on the way.

Got a call at work at 4am from my step-dad to say my mum was in hospital. Asked if things were okay, he says she was ‘cold and clammy’ and to phone him if I need anything. Get a missed call a few minutes later, try phoning back, no answer, this happened five more times. Phoned CIC A&E, no answer, phone again saying no answer at A&E, get a Ward Sister, and told to come to the hospital, it’s worse than initially thought.

Arrive, one of the emergency Registrar’s is giving all dome and gloom, ‘it’s touch and go’, ‘if she goes into cardiac arrest we may not be able to save her’, etc...


Turns out she may have a virus that caused her blood pressure to spike and cause some blood to go onto the lungs.

I know they have to prepare you but as an ex-ambulance tech of over eight years, just give me the information.

She stabilises but in pain from her fibromialgia, but they can’t give her anything till they find what is happening.

So after four hours sat in Resusc with her, I’ve come home to grab a bit of shut eye.


Just needed to rant, sorry. Have a frosty Piglet in the A&E car park.


((EDIT)) She’s not out the woods just yet and she’s been put on either ITU (multiple organ monitoring) or HDU (single organ monitoring). One doctor wanted her on ITU another on HDU. I know she’s on a coronary care unit at present but no further.

I know it’s not the time but it’s times like this I’m incredibly grateful for universal health care. Ambulance and paramedic car would on scene in four minutes apparently. Three doctors and nurses monitoring her straight off with an emergency doctor only seconds away.


Thanks for all the supportive messages.

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