Characters and Cars: True Detective

The season finale of True Detective is tonight. If you have missed out on this series, you have missed out on what may be the best show on television right now. There are plenty of articles and posts about the theories on "who is the Yellow King?" But this is a car website so let's talk about something different. What vehicle is the best manifestation of each character on True Detective?


Cohle's 96' F-250 seems to suit him well. Life has not been easy on that old, red, Ford. But it keeps on going as if it has yet to serve its true purpose and like Cohle it has a simplicity and an absence of bullshit that makes it appealing.

I'm not so sure about Marty's just seems like awkward product placement. What are your thoughts? Pick a car and match it with a character...and if you want to get all philosophical with your explanation that would be cool.

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