Having a Tesla Model S rocks. Nothing beats that instant torque. Having a Tesla Model S in rural China hundreds of miles away from a charging station rocks less. Especially if you run out of juice. Sometimes you need to channel your inner MacGyver to get going again.

We know that Tesla sales have been slow in China. And perhaps the lack of charging stations is to blame.

In urban areas, you seem to be well covered. There are plenty Superchargers in and around Beijing. But if you dare to venture into the countryside you´d be hard pressed to find even a regular electric outlet. That didn´t deter the owner of this red Tesla Model S. Facing the choice between calling a towing service or MacGyvering a utility pole he chose the latter.


While it looks about as safe as playing a game of chicken with an Amtrak train it actually did the job. Kudos to the owner for not dying through electrocution. I wonder what Elon Musk would feel about this one.


Credits to youwheel.