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Charger and Cantina

November in the books, and it was getting a little nippy out. As I am typing this an artic front moved in. I usually take a walk at work in the morning, for lunch and the afternoon if I have time to do so. The morning walk was fine, but the lunch walk was right when the wind blew in all the cool air. It was cool walking down the path, but back up was a challenge to say the least. But I digress, back to the show.

This show had some pretty awesome cars. My favorite was the ‘68 Charger. It just doesn’t get any better than that. The Testarossa was a close second. I do have to give the R33 GTR that was there an honorable mention. He drove it down from Oklahoma, and it was a gorgeous car. It probably should have ended up as the cover car due to popularity of the model, but I just like the ‘68 charger a bit better. If it is there again in the future it is likely going to take the #1 spot.

One thing I couldn’t stand though was the wind, which ruined a decent amount of shots. And then the construction in the lot on the opposite side of the show, a front end loader was backing up constantly with the accompanying safety beep. Thank the maker for Adobe Audition, which makes it possible to get rid of beeps. It has saved a lot of footage since I discovered it, and even a couple of car reviews where the cars made noises that were not desirable. Wind noise usually can’t be fixed without destroying the audio however. So in the outtakes those clips go unfortunately.


I wonder how the winter shows are going to pan out this year! If they are as nice as this one was we won’t have much to worry about!

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