Had fun this week with the SCCA autocross Solo National Match Tour visiting Charlotte. It was a convenient way to experience even higher level competition from all over the eastern half of the country. Some pictures at end of post [edit: video links in middle, original post made on Saturday, 3/31/2018].

On Friday I was within a half second of my rival/friend from last year, but that left me 9th out of 11 in the class. I was a bit frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what I needed to change to improve.

After thinking about it overnight and doing a quick course walk with one of the class leaders, I figured out a few things I could work on. I managed to actually do one or two and picked up my time today.

Everyone else improved, too.

But, I’m optimistic that I have a path to getting more competitive with the top people in time.


[Videos: Run #2 from autocross this weekend:

Run #3 is slightly better, but I knock the camera near the end with my helmet:


It was very cold this morning and while we were warming up the cars in grid, my rival jumped in my car to chat and stay warm. Then another guy in the class jumped in the backseat. Another came to my window to chat, and I invited him to jump in, too. We all wanted to run the course in one car, it would have been hilarious, especially as they all would have been pointing out what I should be doing with headsmacks.

Fortunately the weather was good despite the threat of rain. But we had cars coated with green pollen, inside and out since the cars sit with windows down so much of the event.

Oh, there is a father and son team that I pit with, and their car had transmission problems on Thursday during the test and tune. They managed to remove the transmission and tear it down, find that it was something they could address, and put the car back together by the end of the day to compete (and win) on Friday. People helped out a lot, and it was impressive mechanically and as a community event. It captures almost everything that is great about autocross.


There were some great people, great driving and interesting cars. I managed to think to take pictures of a couple.