Stories like the one on the mid-engined Corvette I just read on the FP always make me shake my head in wonder. Companies talk about wanting to get a younger average buyer. For instance, the average age of a Corvette buyer is in the upper 50s, and they want it lower. Cadillac, and every other maker of expensive cars says the same thing.

So GM, you’re chasing that lucrative market of rich, childless 30 somethings that have cash to burn on a two-seat, $60K+ sports car? All 14 of them? How is that niche market the answer to profitability? The rest of the world has to save up for a few decades and wait until the kids are out of the house with college paid off before they can afford to indulge. And what do you care how old they are, as long as they buy? These cars are supposed to be aspirational. That means you have to work toward them.

Reading the comments in that story, I have to give credit to LongbowMkII, who said essentially the same thing, making me feel I’m not alone in my disbelief.