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Chasing Crappy Cars

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While driving through a local town today, I was passed by a car so terribly awfully modified that I just had to chase it down and snap a picture. As I was in a moving vehicle, the picture is rather blurry but here's the just of it.


Basically what this automotive abomination is, is a 1990's Saturn that had the usual large wing and wide variety of bumper stickers that you have to hide rather embarrassingly every time you see your girlfriends dad. That was obviously not enough for this man. He was looking for a more advanced level of automotive idiocy. As a result this man added a wheely bar that stocked out from the rear bumper about 2 feet and get this, a boat propeller on the back.

Let's just get this out there. 1990's Saturns ARE NOT fast. The wing literally does nothing and if the car was somehow fast enough to make that rear wing function, he would be pulling weight off of the front wheels meaning a loss of traction. This is a pretty common addition to crappy front drive cars by people that wish they knew what good cars were. By there is a more important question to be asking here. What did this man with his finite amount of knowledge plan to do with the wheely bar on his car. It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Ever. I don't care what you say it just makes you seem painfully ignorant. And no, the boat prop does not aid in power. Get over it.


So what is the worst car you've seen driving around your town? There are plenty of places and TV shows where you can look at rare and expensive cars that will break down if you look at them sternly enough, but this is the place where you can look at the other end of the spectrum. "Chasing Crappy Cars." Show me what's lurking around your town in the comments below.

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