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Chasing Die-Cast Cars (March 31-April 6, 2014)

Hola fellow Hot Wheels addicts. I was searching through posts and came across Lets Just Drive is Mkolabin's "Chasing Die-Cast Cars" series which is a summary of recent activity on OPPO featuring die-cast cars and the HWEP. I sent him an inquiry and he has awesomely allowed me to assist.

Before we get started, you should definitely read his post about having a 4.5 month(!) old and his Ford Mustang. The post started on OPPO, was shared to the FP and has blown up! The Best Car For A New Parent Is Probably Already In The Driveway


Unfortunately that article came about 6 years too late for me, as it turns out kids get bigger and eventually can't be jammed in the back of a Scion FR-S, no matter how much daddy wants one.

The basic mission statement of Chasing Die-Cast Cars is 'to try and summarize the latest Hot Wheels (and etc) posts made by you, my fellow die-cast addicts and Opponautohaulics.'


So let's get started:

A couple of new traders came on board the HWEP this week, Walfisch, The Nightmare Of Solomon and SaabStory. I've already made a trade with Saabstory for some vintage die-cast planes and can't wait! Luckily we are both Left Coasters so hopefully the mail will be quick...


Regarding die-cast planes, just a quick, shameless, self-promotion.

Anyone else who loves die-cast and photographing them should be following!


Another great place for Hot Wheels addicts is the Lamley Group as pointed out by CiiNubbin. Check out this pic, I wonder who will be the first OPPO to grab Snoopy!

Illustration for article titled Chasing Die-Cast Cars (March 31-April 6, 2014)

The week started with D doing some father/son bonding over Hot Wheels. (Hey, there's the FR-S again!)

Since family seems to be a theme this week, here's djmanila finding a Mazda Furai in his son's toy box.


With.a.G grabbed a bunch of five packs at a Buy 1, Get 1 sale at Fry's Grocery in Phoenix. Hey I think I see a Mazda Furai in one of those!

Another new member to posting Hot Wheels is Osiris - Rally ALL The Aveo's! in Alaska. He posted a haul and follow-up today (maybe the theme of this post is actually the Mazda Furai...)

Illustration for article titled Chasing Die-Cast Cars (March 31-April 6, 2014)

Aya Yudhistira wrote another great die-cast review of his Mazda 6 by Tomica. Actually Atenza, because JDM. Sidenote: Can anyone tell me why Japanese cars use English letters in their model names, even in Japan?


Sn210, Type S wanted to know what the record for longest distance HWEP trade is. I got mentioned a lot, Portland is pretty far for most of you guys (including 3,356 miles to Miami) but I think the current record has to be roundbadge trading to Anchorage from Cuyahoga Falls, OH at 3,938 miles!

Another active HWEP Opponaut, philipilihp spelled backwards is trying his hand at customization with this '69 Camaro:

Illustration for article titled Chasing Die-Cast Cars (March 31-April 6, 2014)

He also tracked down this VW SP2 from HW Easter Eggsclusives line released in 2012. Love the paint job on that one!

For those of you are familiar with my posts, you know I am a big fan of photography featuring die-casts. Here's a few posts that added photos:

SteyrTMP posted photos of the BMW M GTs, a MINI, and the orange 2002.

MonkeyPuzzle astutely noted in the comments:

in summary, you like things with fender flares

to which SteyrTMP replied:

Yeah, I think every car should be stripped and caged, sound insulation be damned,too.


With all the Cars and Coffee photo shoots appearing lately, Coqui70 came up with a clever idea: Cars and Coffee 4/6/14 - OPPO Hot Wheels Edition. We may not all be able to afford that RS6 Avant but most of us can spare the dollar or so for one 1/64th's the size!

I spent much of Sunday photographing some HWEP trades. I like to think I'm getting better at it, but please feel free to tell me what you like and don't!


Some promising starting collections were posted from KalakaBoooom (who is enjoying collecting with his daughter) and Harris Lue.

Heliochrome85 had a humorous take on being a Hot Wheel Addict.

EL_ULY and I are trying to get Aya a red 8C, and I really want his Tomica Mazdas!


Speaking of, EL_ULY re-discovered his Ferrari 280 GTO. Sweet.

And, of course, the backbone of HWEP and what keeps us searching for that ever elusive Hot Wheel and sucks in new Opponauts... the hauls:





Frosted the Diecast Car Guy


Jeff Simmons


Walfisch, The Nightmare Of Solomon

And, finally, XJDano has promised a MEGA thread and uploaded a teaser photo.

Thank you for reading! And massive, super, extra thanks to Lets Just Drive is Mkolabin for starting this series and, of course, letting me work on it! For my fellow Opponauts, please tag your posts "HOT WHEELS" or "HWEP"! It makes it so much easier to find them and include you.


For anyone interested in joining HWEP, you can find the general guidelines here.

Please let me know what I missed and what you'd like to see in the future!

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