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Cheap '92 Roadster S-Special anyone?

Just got this one at work and played with two days ago... Lots of fun as usual, if we except the hubcaps that tend to fly around when the car is driven hard haha (Lost two in the video... ). If any Opponaut wants it, it’s $4500, shipping to a port in the US or Canada, or anywhere really, included. I was kind of thinking about keeping that one for myself for a few months as I’ll be selling the RX7, getting the Lancia and this car had about 1 year of shaken left... but my boss canceled the shaken without telling me :(

It’s 99% S-Special stock... Bilstein suspensions, LSD and BBS wheels. Steering wheel and shifter are not original though.

Anyway, here is the usual video on the car, test driven on Mount Rokko and a couple pics to go with it ;)

Not cosmetically perfect, but rust free and mechanically SUPER good.


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