So I have a 2001 Jetta, and upon looking at it today, the shocks are completely blown. Like I can move the whole strut up and down with my hand when the car is off the ground. Anyway, I have always thought about getting cheap coilovers just to see what they are like. I’m not interested in lowering it, so I found JOM coilovers (rebranded racelands/v-maxx), since they only lower the car 0.8" at the highest setting. I’ve read some reviews of people thinking they are decent, and only kind of bouncy when super low (but as I stated, I don’t want to go super low). So Oppo, new shocks and springs for ~$300, or eBay special coilovers for ~$350? Keep in mind this car is just a highway DD with some spirited driving from one stoplight to the next, so I don’t need anything fancy and don’t want to invest much. Thanks in advance!