First off - I’d never put a cheap ebay seat in an actual car - they’re pretty important, safety-wise and I would imagine the rails would rip right off in a significant crash. Besides, can you imagine racing seats and harnesses in a crown vic? Maybe when I strip what’s left of it and build the RallyVic (trademark pending) but as a DD that’d be beyond silly...

That aside, I have been looking for a good seat for quite a while for my racing sim setup, which right now consists of a wheel clamped to a folding table and the same swivel chair I use at my desk. Next steps are building a frame (to improve system rigidity from the current wet-noodle quality) and putting a real seat on that frame (for obvious reasons).

The junkyards I’d found around here seem to employ a common strategy of first buying only late 90’s american sedans, then leaving the windows rolled down, sunroof open (if equipped), and sometimes breaking the windshield out as well. All this ensures that the interiors are thoroughly saturated with water all the time, so on the rare occasion that a car has a cool seat, it’s trashed.

Growing frustrated with trying to pull a sporty seat from a Junkyard, I’ve found myself looking at the cheap-ass “racing seats” on ebay, which go for about $120 a piece with free shipping from surprisingly-not-china.

Does anyone have experience with such seats? Since there isn’t (much) risk of crashing my sim into something, the frames made of flattened beer cans, told tape measures, and toothpaste tubes aren’t much of a safety concern, and it’s basically a new, sporty seat (100% less butt-sweat at time of purchase!) for a relatively low price.

Any particular seats come to mind? I’d like to keep costs low, this is most recent on my watchlist:


Thanks, Oppo!

(Sizing reference: 5’10” 145lbs, my friend’s FR-S has the second best seats I’ve ever been hugged by, with first place going to a 1986.5 mkIII supra with power adjustable bolsters)


Technoviolet for your time:

(Picture courtesy of some random site Google Images brought me to)