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Cheap Fuel Pump or Expensive Fuel Pump?

Im sure I found out why my Caravan doesn’t start anymore. Fuel pump died.

Yes I know it’s unplugged :P

Did all the tests to rule out the crank and cam sensors, have spark, van starts on starter fluid. Have no fuel pressure at injectors, checked injector ohms and all 12 ohms, have 12v to injectors. 12v to fuel pump, good ground, etc. Just the fuel pump isnt humming. I pumped out the gas and took a look on how to remove tank. Looks pretty straightforward.

Suprising is that there is only one type of fuel pump for this van, but there are so many manufacturers and soooo many different prices.

Amazon has this one for $48.99 from Parts Galaxy

Cheap pump

Or a Delphi for $96.19 (cheaper on Rockauto)

Delphi pump

The product listing says its in a Delphi box, but part made by an independent supplier. So what im thinking is that most of these parts are probably made in the same factory? Even the more expensive ones have bad reviews too.


A risk I should take or no?

Edit: I think Im going to go with the more expensive pump. I had a free tow home last time, but next I might be too far and need to call a tow truck.


Loosened the fuel, emission lines, and tank straps so it will be easy to remove the tank tomorrow morning. Too hot today.

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