If you have bought a used car, it has had a previous owner. This is the definition of a used car. The unfortunate thing is that this previous owner's sense of taste might be, ah, skewed. This horrid taste in asthetics could have manifested itself as modifications to the car you now find eating all your money yourself owning. In my case, with my 98 CDM (That's Canadian Domestic Market for you American plebians) Civic DX this resulted in:

Rather convincing but still boyracer seat covers

Aftermarket headlights

Gaudy head unit

Cold air intake


I was going to leave the headlights, head unit, and CAI alone because they provided functional advantages over stock, but the seat covers and neon had to go. This is one of those mods that can make your car look 100% less poseur for free.

Yep, it's *FREE* mod time.

Here's what I was working with.


The seat covers were nice, and in good condition, but were just so incredibly ricey that I couldn't stand it. The neon was about four million different varieties of WTF.


The solution?

Pull off the seat covers, then toss them on the back seat where they can be stepped on by your friends and covered in mud, then sold on Craigslist.


Take a hammer to the neon until it frees itself from your now-pristine [citation needed] bumper.


The seats were in fair condition, though I'll definitely be giving them a good shampoo to remove a stain that looks like either coffee or fecal matter, and I shall also be fixing at 4 inch tear on the drivers seat where the bolster connects to the main seat, but that all has to wait for warmer weather.

Jake is a college student from Kansas who recently bought a $500 rolling headache Honda Civic and revels in being a cheap bastard saving money and ruining improving the looks of his car. This series will share some of the more worthwhile cheap fixes for common car aesthetic issues.