Cheap Parts? . . . or scam?

I’m really trying to get my 1966-ish Volvo 1800 back on the road. The engine is back from the machine shop and ready to be assembled (and in a spare room for the last 8 months). I need to bring the head back because I don’t know how to measure twice and cut once (needs to be skimmed, compression ratio is way too low). While I haven’t done much of the actual re-assembly lately, I have gotten really good at buying parts. Some it needs, some I buy because I am afraid they will no longer be available.

I am upgrading the car from the B18 (1.8 liter carb) to the B20(2 liter). While the B20 used in the 1800 was mostly EFI, it was carbureted in 1969 and in some other models. I looked around for the later 1969 aluminum intake manifold Volvo model 418404 (slightly different than the manifold in the earlier car which was cast iron) and it goes from $50-75 on eBay (free ship). I just found one at this website for $74 including two carbs and free shipping. On eBay something similar is currently bid up to $170.

That web address is the sketchiest thing I have ever encountered while shopping online. Then I thought, who would set up a scam website to sell crappy Volvo parts. The right scam would be discount Chevy parts or something shinny. For an online listing the pictures included are generally horrible. For $74 and free shipping I figured it was worth a gamble. I just need the manifold which is cast aluminum. I plan to keep the carbs for parts or may resell in their current condition.


It looks like such a scam that I actually went to MasterCard and generated a one time use credit card number for the transaction. Bonus time, site had 10% off if using a Mastercard (adds to my mental scam alert) so my total including shipping was $66.

I’m 99 percent sure nothing is going to show up. At most a box-o-rocks.

Is this website a total scam or just a place with cheap parts and other items?

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