Over the past few months I have chased down a brake fluid leak, replaced a caliper, bled the whole system, got new tires put on, mounted the spare securely, and replaced the ignitor on my 1985 Pickup. All in it was about $400 including maintenance items and probably a weeks worth of total time. It is ready for summer duties of firewood, dirtbikes, and home projects.

I am looking at some springs ($200 for 4 used good) and shocks ($100 for 4 new) to refresh the absolutely beaten suspension.

On a side note, comparing the 2005 4Runner to the pickup; there is a difference of 20 years, ~0 mpg, more than double the power [94hp to 275hp], double the engine size [2.4 I4 to 4.7 V8], and almost double the weight.